Sloppy cut-and-paste CVs costing graduates top jobs

Whilst browsing the details of the Kimye Irish Honeymoon over a sandwich this lunchtime, I noticed this headline.  I couldn’t agree more!

It is that time of year when my inbox receives a “Dear Sir/Madam” letter from soon to be ex-students asking for a job or work experience at the very least.

While I dial down my irritation that someone couldn’t be bothered to look up a point of contact in the company to address this important piece of correspondence to me personally, I scan lines of text that are “red squiggle underlined”.  Surely those younger than me know that a “red squiggle underline” means that there is a spelling mistake?  Add to that grammatical errors or just plain irrelevant material and my sense of hopelessness for the up and coming working generation grows.

But it is not the emerging workforce that has the monopoly on bad writing skills; I unsubscribed from a professional planning blog this week because I was fed up mentally correcting typos and trying to make sense of sentences.

We all need to communicate by more than the spoken word.  In a world where planning consultants bestow the virtues of development or object to inappropriate development, the power of the written word is substantial.  If students don’t recognise that in their CVs or their covering letters, then they are in for a rude awakening.  Technology is great – use it where you can but please, the old fashioned “read what you have written advice” still holds true.

Feel free to point out the grammatical mistakes in this blog (there are no red squiggle underlines, except for the computer doesn’t understand Kimye – but then, who wants to!)

via Sloppy cut-and-paste CVs costing graduates top jobs: Employers struggling to fill vacancies due to glut of poor applications | Mail Online.

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