Egotistical monuments or 21st Century design?

All the press reports about England having the most ‘bogged down and protracted’ planning system in the world are wrong. Protests and JRs in Sweden often mean that major projects can take decades.

The Nobel Foundation has insisted that a campaign to block David Chipperfield’s Nobel Centre will not succeed in moving it to another part of Stockholm.

The site, on a promontory in the heart of the SwediCapture4sh capital, was donated by the city authorities which has been saving it for just such an international cultural project, a spokeswoman told Building Design Magazine.

Thousands of protestors have joined a Facebook group objecting to plans for a “monumental building” in a “fragile” part of the city.

It declares: “We are opposed to star architects constructing their angular spectacles of glass and steel right in the middle of the protected historic environment, as monuments to themselves, at our expense and the city’s.”

I love this declaration.  Are the Gherkin and the Shard in London such examples of egotism?  Was the Cathedral in Exeter a “spectacle” of its day?

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