£12m paid out by councils after losing planning appeals

While I am currently “coming to an agreement” with a LPA in regard to a partial award of appeal costs, I was quite astounded to read about this £12 million figure.

Property consultancy Daniel Watney LLP sent out Freedom of Information requests to the 418 principal local authorities across the UK, asking them to list costs awarded from appeal proceedings between 2010/11 and 2015/16.

Two-hundred and seventeen councils responded, with 178 stating that they had paid out over the past six years. This, according to the research, totalled £11,965,077.17.
The top 10 authorities paying the highest total sum:

1. Cornwall Council – £981,332.40

2. Derby City Council – £866,975.00

3. Halton Borough Council – £721,470.48

4. Stratford-on-Avon District Council – £557,818.84

5. South Gloucestershire Council – £505,544.28

6. Basingstoke and Dean Borough council – £468,694.60

7. Horsham District Council – £442,969.00

8. Cambridge City Council – £311,175.08

9. Solihull – £306,563.00

10. Cheshire – £260,197.61
Whilst I might have been astounded by the headline figure, I wasn’t astounded that Cornwall were top of the naughty list.  No pressies from Santa this year!



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