Get ready for a 20% increase in application fees!


It is coming (so is Christmas), not yet, but it is surely coming – a rise in the fee payable to Council’s for them to determine you planning application.  For example;

  1. Outline applications – Site area up to 2.5 hectares = £385 £462 per 0.1
  2. New dwellings (Full and Reserved Matters applications) up to and including 50 – £385 £462 per dwelling.
  3. Householder extension(s) and alterations including design and external
    appearance, domestic outbuildings and works within curtilage of dwelling, boundary walls, fences and other means of enclosure –
    £172 £206 per one dwelling.
  4. Change of use of land or buildings – £385 £462 per application.
  5. Variation or removal of a condition(s) – £195 £234
  6. Approval of details required by conditions – £97 £116 per application (£28 £34 if a householder).

We are therefore expecting a bit of a rush to submit planning applications so please keep this in mind, and seek our advice on whether or not there is sufficient time to submit under the current fee schedule as soon as possible.



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