10 years and still counting…

The “On this Day” feature on Facebook is an interesting start to my day, most days.  A quick look at what I did on this day over the last 10 years of so stirs memories of good times and sometimes I have no idea what I was talking about!

For example, on the 6th April 2016 I was on holiday on the Amalfi Coast, I changed my name back to Lyle on this day 8 years ago and I wrote “guess who’s back….damn it!!” 10 years ago (George Clooney was stalking me, obviously!)

It is also 10 years ago that I left Foot Anstey, spent a month in New Zealand and came back to start this practice with bright eyes and a bushy tail.  The rest, as they say, is history!

“TRADITIONAL GIFT: Tin or Aluminium is the traditional present associated with the 10th wedding anniversary. … MODERN GIFT: Diamonds have become the modern present associated with the 10th wedding anniversary. Diamond gifts are obviously more expensive than the traditional tin or aluminium presents.”

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