World Cup Fever (apparently)

As we embark on this tournament, I think it is safe to say that “football fever” isn’t exactly gripping England.  Maybe the recent anti-plastic war is weighing heavily on motorists who haven’t put flags in windows, only for them to be scattered alongside the road when you get over 30mph.


That said, the BBC is reporting that  “a self-professed “mad football fan” has draped a huge flag across the front of his house to cheer on England in the World Cup.  John Jupp, from Blyton, Lincolnshire, said the flag measures 1,250 sq ft (116 sq m) in size and completely covers the front of his house.”


Now, I hate to be the dual nationality Party Pooper on your English parade Mr Jupp, but your flag doesn’t benefit from deemed advertisement consent!  You are going to need permission for that!

Still, by the time the Council’s enforcement team come knocking, it might be all over…it is now!

Good luck England!

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