Get ready for a 20% increase in application fees!


It is coming (so is Christmas), not yet, but it is surely coming – a rise in the fee payable to Council’s for them to determine you planning application.  For example;

  1. Outline applications – Site area up to 2.5 hectares = £385 £462 per 0.1
  2. New dwellings (Full and Reserved Matters applications) up to and including 50 – £385 £462 per dwelling.
  3. Householder extension(s) and alterations including design and external
    appearance, domestic outbuildings and works within curtilage of dwelling, boundary walls, fences and other means of enclosure –
    £172 £206 per one dwelling.
  4. Change of use of land or buildings – £385 £462 per application.
  5. Variation or removal of a condition(s) – £195 £234
  6. Approval of details required by conditions – £97 £116 per application (£28 £34 if a householder).

We are therefore expecting a bit of a rush to submit planning applications so please keep this in mind, and seek our advice on whether or not there is sufficient time to submit under the current fee schedule as soon as possible.



Appeal for retrospective garage won whilst the threat of prosecution hangs over the development.

A new client approached us with a rather urgent situation and needed our help.

A nearly completed garage building had been served an enforcement notice, that notice hadn’t been appealed and prosecution action was being pursued by the Council.  Planning permission was just about to be refused for the retention of the building and things were looking somewhat…complicated.

C2C Planning Consultants sought a stay of execution on the prosecution action while appealing the refusal of planning permission within 4 days of the issue of the refusal notice.   The Council refused to pause the proceedings, despite it not being expedient to pursue action while our client had every right to appeal the refusal of planning permission.

We are delighted to have received planning permission from the Planning Inspectorate.

“…when completed with rendered walls as well as windows and doors as shown …the building will not look out of keeping within this residential area. The appearance of the new structure will be softened substantially with the addition of planting as shown on the submitted plans…

The appeal development is sufficiently well designed such that it respects the special qualities of this part of Torbay. In relation to the main issue, the development does not have a harmful effect upon the character and appearance of the site and surrounding area…

I consider …that the building is acceptable on its own merits in terms of this main issue and is not reliant upon the previous planning permission as a fall-back proposal.”

We will be writing to the Council to ensure that the prosecution action will be dropped as, for some reason, they haven’t contacted us to confirm!

Congratulations all round.

What are you going to do with your “extra” hour tomorrow?

11234911_10153413404504467_1286096498597670557_nNope, who haven’t missed the changing of the clocks.

Tomorrow is National 4pm Finish Day.

Employers can sign up on the Red Bull site and if you are in London, Manchester or Leeds you are in with the chance to have the “Wings Team” visit your office  with cold cans of Red Bull

As a marketing tool to promote productivity and working smarter rather than longer hours, sadly it isn’t a compulsory thing.  #4pmFinish isn’t about slacking off, it’s about being more productive. There are plenty of tips out there on how to clear your in-tray.

All in C2C Planning Consultants will be finishing at 4pm tomorrow. Join us and leave a comment below as to what you will do with your “spare” hour tomorrow.


Who wouldn’t want their mother/mother-in-law living at the end of the garden?

Whilst this article in This is Money online magazine mentions that one of the interviewees applied for planning permission for a granny annex at the end of the garden, it can be the case that planning permission is not required.


We certainly would recommend you apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

Contact us at C2C Planning or fill out the form below to discuss your current or emerging needs (it doesn’t have to be your mother or your mother-in-law!)

Mid Devon throttling back on pre-application advice and duty officer availability

As Mid Devon District Council (temporarily?) cut back their morning duty planning officer availability to only Tuesday and Thursday mornings, it leaves a bit of a whole for those seeking planning advice.

Whether or not you need planning permission is not really a service offered by large or small private planning consultants.

But good, clear advice is given via the Planning Portal.  Indeed, just this week the advice on their website has been re-organised, making it clearer for the lay-user.

So, if you need initial planning guidance, check these pages on the Planning Portal to help yourself before double-checking with the planning department.

Appeal won to convert barn to dwelling under Class Q

It took two planning applications and an appeal to the Secretary of State to finally be granted planning permission to convert this beauty into a dwelling.


The issue centred around whether the appellant must “prove beyond all reasonable doubt” that the building and its associated land was in sole agricultural use.   Continue reading Appeal won to convert barn to dwelling under Class Q

Friday afternoon’s reading

Friday afternoon is a favoured time in the C2C office to catch up on some reading with a lovely mocha.

This article has crossed the desk – an irreverent and humorous look at planning and the role of Prior Notifications in the “housing crisis” published in “Planning and Building Control Today”.

We were going to have new housing, converted from each and every land use that was not housing to start with. Huge extensions to houses, factories, warehouses and loads of other freebies that would make the junior DC officer’s role redundant, except for their regular losing battle trying to understand and apply the Advert Regs. Said planners could be diverted to local plans, in an effort to get the Development Plan finished by 2011, no 2012, oh all right 2015, last chance 2017.

I nearly snorted the mocha out of my nose!

My thanks to Mr Thackeray for a rip-roaring read.  Enjoy and good weekends all round!



Ruin our thoughts of golf, cricket or mountain biking over the Spring/Summer!

Avoid the potential of 20% increased planning application fees in July by submitting your planning application by June.

Government recently announced that they  will increase nationally set planning fees. Local authorities will be able to increase fees by 20% from July 2017 if they commit to invest the additional fee income in their planning department.

They are also minded to allow an increase of a further 20% for those authorities who are delivering the homes their communities need.

While you keep more money in your pocket, we will keep our green fees in ours while we slave over a hot desk to get your planning application in before the significant rise in fees! Depending on the scale of the project, we will need to be instructed over the next 6 weeks, so don’t delay and contact us today.