We aim to be transparent with our clients about all aspects of any work undertaken on your behalf. The following questions and answers will assist you in deciding whether or not to appoint c2c Planning.

How are c2c’s fees calculated?

The fee is normally related to the cost of the time and resources expended on the project. Time spent (including travelling time) is chargeable at an hourly rate.

Expenses which are incurred directly as a result of a project and which are properly recoverable from the client are charged separately from the fee element in the form of an itemised invoice. Such expenses may include travel, accommodation and subsistence, the purchase of maps, plans and other documentation. VAT is also chargeable.

It is also open to us to agree an additional fee if the work is required urgently or requires significant work outside of normal working hours.

A retainer payment is normally required on commencement of the work. This is normally offset against the final invoice or returned to you on settlement of the final account.

How are time costs calculated?

Our time is noted every 6 minutes and therefore you only pay for each 6 minute unit of time that we spend on your project. Each 6 minute unit is therefore calculated at our hourly rate.

What work does the time charge cover?

Time may be spent on the following activities:

  • research;
  • meetings with the client, with any other consultants or advisers associated with the work or with relevant external organisations;
  • site visits;
  • travelling in connection with the work;
  • preparation, writing, editing and processing reports;
  • community involvement and consultation procedures;
  • attendance of planning committees, appeal site visits, appeal hearings;
  • correspondence received and written;
  • telephone calls made and received;

Do you provide estimates?

Yes. We can provide a written estimate of the time likely to be taken and therefore the costs incurred. If the estimate is acceptable, we ask you to give your agreement in writing also. You need to be aware that projects evolve and our instructions may then change and this may not be reflected in the estimate.

What are the arrangements for the payment of your fees?

We normally request interim payments at the completion of the main stages of the work or on a monthly basis.  We prefer payment by BACS.

How to appoint c2c as your planning consultant?

We strongly advise that in every case, irrespective of the client and the size or nature of the project, we believe it is important from the outset to establish:

  • a clearly defined brief and scope of service; and
  • agreement about terms and conditions of engagement and the timing and method of payment.  These will be defined in a written contract (our Terms of Business).