Why would you need a planning consultant?

Planning consultants can range from being actively involved with all stages of the planning system, or merely be an outside expert who helps guide decisions.

A planning consultant can be as involved as you need them to be, but typically the main areas which we would look after are:

  • Research and assess local and national planning policy to assess the planning potential of sites. The results of this assessment will greatly sway whether or not the project will progress towards the submission of a planning application.
  • Write a supporting planning statement.  Supporting planning statements are increasingly required by Local Planning Authorities in the validation of planning applications.
  • Act as agent to the applicant during a planning application by receiving all correspondence from the Local Planning Authority and interested parties.  We can advise the applicant on any steps necessary to address any concerns or problems during the application process.
  • Act on behalf of someone affected by inappropriate development and make comments on a planning application on behalf of that person or group. This may involve addressing the planning committee before the determination of a planning application or at appeal if the applicant is seeking to overturn the Local Planning Authority’s decision.
  • Assessing reasons for refusal of an application and can advise applicants whether an appeal against the refusal is appropriate and which type of appeal to make.  We can represent the appellants from submitting the appeal paperwork to the discussion of the issues with an Inspector, through to advising appellants on the Inspector’s decision.
  • If the project is large and long term, then there will often be the need to make representations to the Local or Neighbourhood Plan.
  • We can assist with the discharge of planning conditions before development commences.