c2c Planning Consultants can help you by;

  • Carrying our an initial planning assessment. An initial planning assessment examines the following broad planning issues:
    • Relationship to existing settlement;
    • Proximity to sites of national importance for biodiversity
    • Compatibility with neighbouring uses;
    • Flood risk designation;
    • Relevant planning history and policy

The initial planning assessment determines whether a site is considered suitable in planning terms for the proposed use identified by the landowner, or whether an alternative use would be more appropriate.

Where sites satisfied these criteria, they could be assessed as part of the detailed assessment undertaken by a wide range of experts including, ecologists, landscape architects, arboriculturists, and engineers. c2c work with a number of experts in other disciplines (or can work with your existing project team) to create such an assessment.

If you need an initial assessment of a site or a building, please contact us through our contacts page.