Lawful Development Certificate – existing use

Following an enquiry from the Enforcement Officer at Mid Devon District Council, our client approached us with the view to removing the agricultural occupancy condition of a property he owned.

Having assessed that the property had been used in breach of the condition for a period of more than 10 years, we advised that the best avenue for him was a Lawful Development Certificate.

We submitted the application with a plethora of Statutory Declarations from our client and tenants of the property.  We created a timeline showing pictorially the evidence that was submitted across pages and pages of documents.  It assisted us in making sure that the Statutory Declarations covered as much of the 10 year period as possible as well as assisting the planning officer.

Timeline for the breach of agricultural occupancy condition
Timeline for the breach of agricultural occupancy condition

It took almost 8 weeks for the Council to indicate that they had no evidence to dispute the documents that we had submitted and therefore they were in a position to grant the Certificate.  This allows our client to continue with letting the property or to return to the letting it for holiday purposes.

Planning permission to convert Grade II Listed barns to residential uses, Mid Devon

Having secured planning permission and Listed Building consent (with the help of Heritage Vision) to convert these barns to holiday accommodation, out clients instructed us to seek permission for their conversion to residential units following a change in the Council’s policy.

Even with an informed and skilful client, the applications required significant guidance through the planning process, much to our frustration.

Aller Barns
Aller Barns (photo courtesy of Seddons estate agents)

However, the result is astounding!  We got to have a look around this particular barn, just as it was finished.  We wish more clients would invite us to see the finished product!  These Listed Buildings now have street presence and a character all of their own.  A job well done for everyone involved!