Successful appeal for a dwelling in a garden in Somerset and with costs awarded to our client

We are delighted to share our client’s joy in finally getting planning permission for a house for family members in their rear garden.  It has taken them 2 years to get to this point, which is far too long.

In this case, like many others, time costs money.  Projects are financed from loans, borrowings or savings, consultants are paid as the work progresses without any conclusion; so it was of little compensation that the Inspector awarded out clients the opportunity to claim their appeal costs back from the Council.

But, every little helps!

“Although the Council should be able to substantiate their case, they have done little more than to restate their ‘in principle’ objection to the proposal….The Council’s generalised assertion about the impact of the proposal is supported by barely any objective analysis. Thus, the Council have failed to substantiate their case….The proposal, which should have been permitted, has been delayed, and this has caused the applicant the unnecessary and wasted expense of the appeal. “

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