Appeal won to convert barn to dwelling under Class Q

When a local Planning Authority refused a planning application for the conversion of a barn to a dwelling under Class Q in the belief that the building was not solely use for agricultural purposes on 20th March 2013, we submitted more information and evidence with a second planning application to give them the opportunity to reconsider their stance.

Unfortunately, they didn’t so we appealed that second decision.

The Council seemed to be under the misapprehension that an applicant/appellant must “prove beyond all reasonable doubt” that the building and its associated land was in sole agricultural use. Not quite the test necessary, dear Council!

The evidence submitted by us indicated that the use was “on the balance of probability” in sole agricultural use on 20 March 2013.

All other matters were considered to comply with Class Q and the Inspector allowed the appeal.

A tenacious client/planning consultant combination that won the day.


Approval received for a barn to be converted to a dwelling under Class MB

Whilst Class MB is now Class Q, c2c Planning Consultants were delighted to hear from David Sheppard of David Sheppard Architects that the conversion of the barn of a mutual client to a dwelling was deemed to be permitted development by Teignbridge District Council.

Having assisted with pre-application advice, feed into the architect’s plans and troubleshooted issues arising during the determination of the application, we took great delight in David’s success!  Congratulations to all!

Planning permission to convert Grade II Listed barns to residential uses, Mid Devon

Having secured planning permission and Listed Building consent (with the help of Heritage Vision) to convert these barns to holiday accommodation, out clients instructed us to seek permission for their conversion to residential units following a change in the Council’s policy.

Even with an informed and skilful client, the applications required significant guidance through the planning process, much to our frustration.

Aller Barns
Aller Barns (photo courtesy of Seddons estate agents)

However, the result is astounding!  We got to have a look around this particular barn, just as it was finished.  We wish more clients would invite us to see the finished product!  These Listed Buildings now have street presence and a character all of their own.  A job well done for everyone involved!