Supporting planning statement for a Warrington solar farm

The project managers of this 5MW of renewable energy contacted us to write a planning statement to support an application to be submitted to Warrington Borough Council.

Being within the Green Belt, the decision maker needs to make a number of assessments:
1. The decision maker needs to consider whether the proposed development is “inappropriate” development in the Green Belt;
2. The decision maker needs to consider whether the development would cause any harm other than by reason of inappropriateness;
3. The decision maker then needs to consider whether there are other considerations to be weighted in the planning balance; and
4. Whether the harm caused is clearly outweighed by other considerations.

We concluded that even if the decision maker attached great importance to Green Belts, as set out in paragraph 79 of the NPPF, any harm that would be caused by reason of inappropriateness was clearly outweighed by the environmental and biodiversity benefits of the proposed renewable energy scheme.