Who wouldn’t want their mother/mother-in-law living at the end of the garden?

Whilst this article in This is Money online magazine mentions that one of the interviewees applied for planning permission for a granny annex at the end of the garden, it can be the case that planning permission is not required.


We certainly would recommend you apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

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Another successful Certificate

c2c Planning Consultants have just gained a Certificate of Established Use for the continued use of a holiday let as dwelling.

Planning permission had been granted to convert a barn to a holiday let some years ago, but in more recent years the property had been let to tenants.

Having reviewed the evidence before the submission of the application, we were happy that we could present the evidence in a fashion that the Council would agree with us that the use was lawful.  The information supplied in support of the application was sufficiently detailed to prove that it has been occupied in excess of 10 years without compliance with the holidaymaker occupancy condition.

Whilst the property had been vacant, there has never been any intention to relinquish the residential use of the property and these voids were to renovate the property and search from appropriate tenants, all in furtherance of the breach of condition. Such breaks are common when dealing with the routine departure and arrival of different tenants.

It was found by Taunton Deane Borough Council to be lawful. We are very happy to say that a certificate of lawfulness was granted on that basis.


Successful Lawful Development Certificate from Mid Devon

c2c Planning have just received notification that a Certificate has been granted for a property which we have shown to be in breach of an agricultural occupancy condition for the last 10 years.

The application was submitted with the plethora of Statutory Declarations from the property owner and tenants to show that the tie was not complied with.  We think that our timeline graphic assists planning officer’s to pull together the information in those documents and we submit those with out Certificates.  We also think it assists us and our clients in ascertaining where there may be gaps in the evidence before it is submitted.

Our timeline graphic
Our timeline graphic

Of course, the Certificate does not remove the agricultural tie; rather, as long as the condition is not complied with, enforcement action will not be taken.