Mid Devon throttling back on pre-application advice and duty officer availability

As Mid Devon District Council (temporarily?) cut back their morning duty planning officer availability to only Tuesday and Thursday mornings, it leaves a bit of a whole for those seeking planning advice.

Whether or not you need planning permission is not really a service offered by large or small private planning consultants.

But good, clear advice is given via the Planning Portal.  Indeed, just this week the advice on their website has been re-organised, making it clearer for the lay-user.

So, if you need initial planning guidance, check these pages on the Planning Portal to help yourself before double-checking with the planning department.

Successful Lawful Development Certificate from Mid Devon

c2c Planning have just received notification that a Certificate has been granted for a property which we have shown to be in breach of an agricultural occupancy condition for the last 10 years.

The application was submitted with the plethora of Statutory Declarations from the property owner and tenants to show that the tie was not complied with.  We think that our timeline graphic assists planning officer’s to pull together the information in those documents and we submit those with out Certificates.  We also think it assists us and our clients in ascertaining where there may be gaps in the evidence before it is submitted.

Our timeline graphic
Our timeline graphic

Of course, the Certificate does not remove the agricultural tie; rather, as long as the condition is not complied with, enforcement action will not be taken.