Friday afternoon’s reading

Friday afternoon is a favoured time in the C2C office to catch up on some reading with a lovely mocha.

This article has crossed the desk – an irreverent and humorous look at planning and the role of Prior Notifications in the “housing crisis” published in “Planning and Building Control Today”.

We were going to have new housing, converted from each and every land use that was not housing to start with. Huge extensions to houses, factories, warehouses and loads of other freebies that would make the junior DC officer’s role redundant, except for their regular losing battle trying to understand and apply the Advert Regs. Said planners could be diverted to local plans, in an effort to get the Development Plan finished by 2011, no 2012, oh all right 2015, last chance 2017.

I nearly snorted the mocha out of my nose!

My thanks to Mr Thackeray for a rip-roaring read.  Enjoy and good weekends all round!