Assisting the community in resisting inappropriate development

C2C Planning Consultants were approached by a representative of a local community to object to a planning application.  A review of the application raised a number of professional concerns which echoed the majority of the community’s concerns.  C2C Planning Consultants attended a community meeting to focus the community’s concerns so that they addressed the planning matters raised by the application.

A letter of representation was sent to the Council and planning permission was refused.

The applicant submitted an appeal against that refusal of planning permission and the community once again sought our help to maintain their strongly held views.   We made representations to the Planning Inspectorate, attended the site visit.

For the above reasons, and having taken all other matters raised into account,
the proposal conflicts with the development plan taken as a whole and with the
approach in the Framework. I therefore dismiss the appeal

We are very pleased to see that a substantial proportion of our concerns were sustained and the appeal was recently dismissed.